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How to Add WordPress Website to Google Search Console

google search console in wordpress Google recently launched a new feature called “Webmaster Tools” And also we called it as Google search console in WordPress which is a web-based search console. It provides a quick overview of your website’s health, including the number of visitors and page views, as well as the number of different search queries that have been entered on your site.

Google has a dedicated website for all search engines. The website is called Google Search Console and it gives information about search results and crawl your site for the keywords in your site.

google search console in wordpress Google search engine is the most popular search engine in the world. It has become a crucial part of modern life.

How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

You must first visit Google Search Console and select the ‘Start Now’ option.

google search console in wordpress

Sign in with your Google / Gmail account.

After logging in, enter your website’s URL.

Site verification uses either a domain name or a URL prefix. The URL prefix technique is more versatile.

verify website in google search console

Remember that HTTP and HTTPS are two distinct protocols in the eyes of Google. Both https://www.example and are considered separate websites by this algorithm.

You must provide the right URL in add a property.

google search console in wordpress If you’re uncertain, there’s a simple method to get the URL you need. Go to the Settings » General tab in your WordPress admin area and log in.

The URL of your website may be found in the “site address” column..

Google Search Console setup procedure

Google’s webmaster tools setup procedure asks you to input the right URL for your website. To proceed, click the “Continue” option.

As a next step, you’ll be requested to provide proof of website ownership. We’ll utilise the HTML tag technique since it’s the quickest and most straightforward.

copy the code and paste it in wordpress

To copy the HTML code, expand the element by clicking on it and then selecting “Copy Code.”

As a last step, you must now add the Google site verification meta tag to your WordPress site.

Most WordPress instructions instruct you to simply update your WordPress theme’s header.php file and paste the code directly above the body> tag. ‘

We don’t suggest this approach since the HTML tag will be lost if you update or alter your theme.

If Google can’t detect the verification tag, it will block your access to your site data in the search panel.

To ensure that Google is always able to validate your ownership of the website, here are the steps.

verification completed in google search console

Your website’s HTML tag has been found by Google Search Console, and you’ll be notified of this.

You may need to clean your WordPress cache if you do not see a success message. Google will be able to access the most recent version of your website if this is done.

Finally, that’s the end of it. Your website has been added to Google Search Console successfully (Webmaster tools). Google Search Console’s dashboard may now be accessed by clicking the ‘Go to Property’ link.

Google Search Console performance report

tools and reports search console reports and index coverage, search traffic, organic traffic, google search results and also search performance are available to you from this page.

Just so Google knows a little more about your website, let’s fill out this form first! This will help Google better index your website.

In Google Search Console, add an XML sitemap.

google search console in wordpress An XML sitemap is a file that lists all of your website’s content in XML format, making it easier for search engines like Google to find and index your pages.

Adding sitemap.xml to the end of your website URL gives you immediate access to your XML sitemap. As an illustration:

Let’s assist Google locate your XML sitemap now that it’s ready.

The Sitemaps option may be found in the left-hand column of the Google Search Console dashboard.


The last component of your sitemap URL must be entered under the ‘Add new sitemap’ area and submitted by clicking the Submit button.

Search Console will now include the URL of your sitemap.

Now your website is listed in Google Search Console, and you can begin optimizing it.

It’s now time to discover how to make the most of the performance data included inside the Google search panel in order to expand your company. You can learn all you need to know about Google Search Console in our beginner’s tutorial.

google search console in wordpress

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