Athidhi devo bhava movie review

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Athidhi devo bhava movie review

Cast: Adi Saikumar, Nuveksha, Rohini, Saptagiri, Adarsh ​​Balakrishna etc.
Camera: Amarnath Bommireddy
Music: Shekhar Chandra
Editing: Karthik Srinivas
Produced by: Srinivasa Cine Creations
Producers: Rajababu Miryala, Ashok Reddy Miryala
Directed by: Polimera Nageswararao
Released: 7 January 2022
Rating: 1.5 / 5

Athidhi devo bhava movie: Adhi Saikumar’s films are being made to take Ranura too far. The hero, making films in a row, releases tens of cinema to the masses. He does not seem to be paying much attention to the movie he is doing unless he feels that something is clicking.

There is a good point in the movie. But no one knew how to say it. There is nothing wrong with the new director in this matter, as far as his scope is concerned. Should Adi Saikumar, who has been making films for four years, know? We have two classic examples, such as Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Mahanubhavudu, which are ridiculed with phobia. It would have been nice to have taken this movie with them in mind, though. No coffin appears and does not appear to have made such an attempt.

It has a phobia of hero Abhay (Adi Saikumar). Its name is monophobia. Such people cannot be alone. In other words, loneliness is the biggest curse for them. That is why he always stays with his mother (Rohini), wanting to have a companion with him. Itagaki says that the girl he loved was not even aware of the problem. Vaishnavism (Nuveksha) enters the scene simultaneously, and the hero sees her and falls in love.

Vaishnavism also gets close to Abhay and falls in love with him. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, she misunderstands Abhay and wants to separate from him. How did Abhay convince the Vaishnavism he loved at that time? The Balance Story is about how he finally won his love.

The successful formula is for the hero to have a weakness, give birth to comedy to overcome that weakness, and provide an emotional touch at the climax. Athidhi devo bhava Makers could not follow this formula introduced by director Maruti. Kichidi ran the story as a comedy and seriously for a while and came up with a good concept. If you look at the big fight taken at the police station .. this thing is easy to understand.

The subject makes sense shortly after the movie starts. The director’s best thing is to say something interesting and clear. Such a catchy narration does not even appear in the film. All familiar scenes, recurring characters, routine twists. The comedy that was seen to be cultivated with Saptagiri remained a wasted effort. The director gave a good twist as long as he was in the interval. If he wants to rush the screenplay from the second half, again, even there, he is greeted with disappointment. Instead, we feel like we’re finishing the movie.

Adisaikumar said that he would select only the stories with an excellent concept, and he cannot change his actions to suit that concept. Whatever the story, whatever the scene, Aadi seems to be acting like he is acting. Adi has to pay a little more attention in this regard. The heroine is lovely to look at but, she does not want to work.

Technically there is nothing in the film either. 2 of the songs given by Shekhar Chandra are good. The song ‘Bagundundi’ sung by Sid Shriram is perfect. But after the release of the excellent song comes the feeling that this movie has become a waste. Cinematography, editing, artwork OK, and production values ​​align with the story.

Overall the Athidhi devo bhava movie went on with an unimpressive narrative. Aadi Saikumar was once again disappointed with this film.

Athidhi devo bhava movie

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